3on3 FreeStyle – Summer Battle Pass

Joycity’s bringing the latest Battle Pass of the summer season to the net with a new take. The new, 2021 summer season Battle Pass will feature special Hanbok-themed apparel as a reward. A Hanbok is a traditional Korean outfit originating back to the 1st century B.C.

The new design infuses the distinctive 3on3 style with traditional Seoul. Along with the brand-new rewards for the summer Battle Pass comes new hairstyles centered around the new Morphing System. The new system was developed with the new Hanbok items in mind. It’ll allow the same hairstyle to be implemented for all the characters in the game while conforming to the unique head shape. This new Morphing System for hairstyles will be used for future hair items as well; making more hairstyles available to all characters while keeping the character head shapes intact and expanding the customization options.

The well-received, new player events are still in full swing. The Running Mate event pairs a new player with a seasoned mentor. By completing various missions together, players will receive various rewards. Also, Fixer’s Secret Support, another on-going event, offers a recently updated P5 character, and an event-exclusive ‘Jack The Pink’ outfit set. These events will lower the entry barrier and help new players become familiar with 3on3 FreeStyle faster and keep the early game vibe fresh and entertaining while on the road to acquiring elite baller status.

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