Colorful and galactic fast – New Spotlight trailer shows the features of Sonic Colours: Ultimate

SEGA releases a new trailer for Sonic Colours: Ultimate, which captures the thrill players experience in Dr. Eggman’s incredible, interstellar amusement park. The new HD remake will put Sonic fans to the test! You can challenge Metal-Sonic, explore the world with the new Wisp power-ups or just enjoy the new soundtrack. These, and many more features, are waiting in Sonic Colours: Ultimate,which will be released in stores on September 7th , 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

  • Sonic’s speed and unstoppable action: Accelerate to adrenaline-charged speeds, zoom through the challenging worlds, and maneuver Sonic through dangerous obstacles. Plan your attacks perfectly, charging your boost to reach Super Sonic speeds.
  • Interstellar amusement park: Discover and experience fascinating environments, such as the Sweet Mountain, which is filled with all kinds of sweets, or the Aquarium Park, with its countless pools full of sea creatures. All parks and attractions are located around the mysterious Astro amusement park.
  • Wisp Power-Ups:Sonic improves his abilities by using the alien powers of the Wisps. With these, both enemies can be defeated and the secrets that fog up the interstellar amusement park can be revealed. With the Ghost Wisp, even massive objects can be penetrated and alternative paths can be discovered.
  • Better than ever:Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is colorful and trumps with revamped graphics, refined controls, and many more gameplay upgrades. Thanks to backwards compatibility, the title is also playable on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • “Rival Rush” Mode: Test your skills against Metal-Sonic and defeat him to unlock more rewards.

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