PixArk – Skyward DLC

First PixARK DLC Skyward Now Available on Xbox!

New Storyline and Challenges on Consoles for Free

Snail Games’ voxel-based sandbox survival game PixARK now offers its first DLC Skyward for free on Xbox. The new SkyArk map features a floating archipelago consisting of 10 unique island biomes and multiple alien creatures and ruins. Console players will be able to download the new content starting June 10, 2021.

In Skyward, adventurers have to save the World of PixARK against the Cobaltianians, an alien race, who have conquered other planets and depleted them of their mineral supply. To save the rest of the islands from meeting the same fate, players must stand up against the invaders, power up with new TEK technology, and restore the balance of the world!

The Skyward DLC features:

  • Floating Islands – A new map consisting of 10 distinctive biomes, multiple new natural cube types, alien creatures, new ruins, boss challenges, a summoning altar, and new TEK technology.

  • New Ruins – Players can challenge themselves and take on special bosses like the Behemoth and the Ghost Dragon King in these new ruins. All new types of loot are waiting to be obtained!

  • Summon Bone Creatures – Skeletal bone creatures and Fossil Cubes can be found throughout. Players must defeat bone creatures or harvest Fossil Cubes to obtain Fossils.  With enough fossils, explorers can venture to the Summoning Altar to summon their own tamable Bone Creatures.

  • TEK Technology Engrams – Players can infuse engrams with TEK technology to create advanced mechanized items, including new swords, guns, grenades, shields, armour, saddles and other useful materials.

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