Even those who know nothing about the gaming scene know who PAC-MAN is. One of the most iconic characters and games in the history of all video games is still ever present to this very day. Established in 1980 when being able to have a system to play games on was niche and a luxury, the little yellow ball of dot eating blossomed into a series of games that even the development team couldn’t have predicted. If I were to list every spin-off and iteration of PAC-MAN title that has graced various screens, arcades and devices then it would probably be longer than this review. Personally, though, I adore the franchise and it is one of the games I seem to be pretty good at, so every single title in history since I’ve been old enough to play I have invested in.

PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs officially releases on 9th May 2024 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, Playstation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch. Boasting crossplay across all platforms on launch, this is a 64-player battle royale experience which conveniently lands after the termination of PAC-MAN 99 on the Nintendo Switch and also after the closure of PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle on the now-dead Google Stadia. Some Nintendo players voiced their displeasure at the BR game finishing on the popular handheld console but it makes sense to try and move the player base and streamline to the new game.

What Is The Objective?

For this review, I will shorten the game title to PAC-MAN Chomp Champs as it rolls off the tongue a little better. Those who played Mega Tunnel Battle will be extremely familiar with this one since it is essentially the same game with some alterations. This is an always-online game; you could even call it a live service game, but I don’t see any battle passes or purchasable cosmetics with real money at this point. There is a tutorial which I recommend diving into before you play and this will explain how the game progresses and how you survive.

64 players start each match and in typical Battle Royale fashion, you have to do all you can to be the last Pac standing. You start with 3 lives and you lose one if you run into a ghost that hasn’t been converted with a power pellet or you get eaten by an enemy Pac with an active power pellet. The run commences with your maze and you can choose to stay in there to rack up points by eating dots, ghosts and fruit. Alternatively, you can stray into the opposing mazes once their gateways unlock, other players can also encroach into yours. Eating enemy Pac players scores big points so it may be something you’d like to pursue. Some powers can be picked up to shield you from ghosts and players, make you faster and even get the ghosts loved up to bunch together.

Be The Last Pac Standing!

The overall goal though, be the last Pac on the board and this can be achieved through two different modes. Elimination is a casual mode that can be enjoyed without worrying too much about being knocked out early. This is what you want to be selected if you just want to have fun and practice, you can also party up with friends and bring them into the game with you for frantic fun. Ranked mode can be unlocked after reaching player level 10 and this is where winning matters as you can climb the local and global leaderboards and go through tiers.


You can customise your Pac to your very own liking with a range of hairstyles, glasses and outfits. At the time of writing, you could unlock cosmetic items with in-game currency which can be accumulated through gameplay. Whether exclusive paid items enter this area in the future remains to be seen but I’d imagine Bandai Namco will try and cash in where possible if the opportunity is there. Hopefully, more additions come in the form of future updates as it is great to stand out from the crowd and every Pac looks different. There appears to be no Battle Pass-style system in the game at this early stage and again, I am unsure if it is something the team wants to pursue.

If you’re interested in what exclusive cosmetic goodies the Standard and Deluxe edition preorders bring, then it is worth checking out this LINK.


Visuals & Audio

There is only so far you can go with a 44-year-old concept and whilst on the surface it is traditional Pacman at its core, it does look great. The mish-mash of encroaching on other players’ mazes with different theming leaves your screen awash with beautiful vibrant colours. 

The soundtrack is exceptional and blends well with the atmosphere of the game. High-tempo tracks keep the adrenaline pumping as you navigate every turn, maze and try to accumulate as many points as possible.

Final Thoughts

Pacman Chomp Champs is a game I’ve found incredibly addictive and moreish. One of those experiences where you have just that one more match, which then turns into another few hours of gameplay. It is nice to see this title revive from the dead after the demise of Google Stadia. My concerns are the entry cost and whether it has staying power. 

I couldn’t wait for a review copy so I invested £24.99 which is very steep for the base game with some fancy exclusive cosmetics. For me, it was about getting hands-on a week earlier than the official launch which is 9th May 2024. With the base copy being £15.99, it still feels a bit much for something with all the signs of a free-to-play game. 

The question is replayability in the long term. If the team can keep cosmetics coming, maybe some different spins on the Battle Royale experience and trickling content into the game then we are onto a winner. If it’s left to its own devices then it may get stale pretty quickly. That said, if you’re a hardcore Pacman fan or just love the BR genre then this will be your cup of tea.

  • 80%
    CX Score - 80%



  •  Fluid & fast addictive gameplay loop
  • Great visuals and soundtrack
  • Ranked mode brings longevity
  • Customisation is fun
  • Crossplay 



  • Entry price seems a bit steep
  • Gameplay could get stale unless more modes are introduced 
  • Menu and UI seem a little basic

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