So who likes Sea of Thieves, I know I do, but what if we added a little touch of Halo? Imagine sailing the seas with the Master Chief in search of that ultimate treasure? Well that time is over, however there is one catch, you have less than 13 hours to do so.

Rare Studios and 343 Industries have come together to give Sea of Thieves fans an exciting freebie in the form of an new ship livery inspired by the Halo universe. Draped in the colours and iconography of UNSC and the indomitable Spartans this ship will set fear into anyone who dares challenge you.

To claim this unique opportunity all you have to do is play Sea of Thieves before 23.59 BST tonight (June 15th). The livery pack comprising of the Spartan Figurehead, Hull, Sails and Flag, will then be delivered to your account within 72 hours.

So what are you waiting for, grab your crew and set sail while there is still time.

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