Overwatch has been riding a wave of success for quite some time, this is due to the constant updates, roster changes and epic rewards being offered from time to time.

Right now, there’s no better time to either jump back in or check out Overwatch, with the launch of Baptiste’s Reunion challenge, a chance to earn some epic cosmetic rewards that are inspired by Overwatch’s newest hero.

Grab your crew and dive into the action as the newest challenge gives you an opportunity to unlock rewards by racking up wins, or by tuning in to some of your favourite streamers. Thorough this limited time event, you can have the chance to earn a new player icon, two sprays, and the epic Combat Medic Baptiste skin- in addition to regular weekly rewards!

But time is at a premium, as The Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge finishes on July 1st.

What You Left Behind

When you’re taking a break from playing Overwatch or checking out streams, be sure to spend a little time delving into Baptiste’s war-torn past by reading “What You Left Behind,” a new short story by Alyssa Wong. The inspiration behind each and every cosmetic reward that you’ll receive for participating in the Baptiste Reunion Challenge, the story follows Jean-Baptiste Augustin’s departure from Talon, choosing instead to use his medical talents to make a humanitarian difference for his community. But international criminal syndicates have a long memory for anyone who owes them a debt, and Baptiste’s past catches up to him.

Play Overwatch’s Newest Hero

If you haven’t had the chance to play Overwatch’s 30th hero, now’s your chance to suit up. A versatile combat medic who’s not afraid to dole out a few bullets between bandages, Baptiste wields an assortment of experimental devices and weaponry to keep allies alive and eliminate threats under fierce conditions. Baptiste works toward a better world, healing where he can and fighting when he must. He knows that he cannot undo his past—but making a difference today is what matters now.

No Second Chances

The fight for the future is just getting started, and Overwatch’s diverse cast of powerful heroes is already geared up and ready to go. Grab your favourite hero—whether that’s a tesla cannon-toting scientist from the moon, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or any of the other 28 heroes—and jump into the action. Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge is live right now, but you’d better hurry. The event will only be around for a limited time, so be sure to log in by July 1.

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