Borderlands is back baby, and it’s back with a bang.

Why not checkout The Borderlands 3 exclusive gameplay reveal, showcasing the quick seamless co-op action, with full commentary.

What are you waiting for!!!!!!! Get ready to lock and load!!!!

Just a little something to wet your appetite. It’s certainly raised a few eye brows round here.

The original shooter-looter is packed with its arsenal of guns and all-new chaotic action, featuring new worlds and adventures full of pandemonium.

Borderlands promises to be a Mayhem-Fuelled thrill ride. Discover New worlds outside Pandora, each featuring unique environments to get to grips with, and as with borderlands, the pace is fast and furious, offering explosive action, with the flamboyance and flair that we’ve all come to expect.

Borderlands has introduced four new modes, with Vault hunters looking fabulous, either as a solo or in co-op with friends. Vault Hunters is the ultimate treasure-seeking mode, take on enemies, hunt the loot, share the spoils, and ultimately save the place you call home.

From what I have seen, I cannot wait to get my hands-on Borderlands 3. The action appears to be more fluid, the graphics bright and vibrant, the mechanics look a real treat, and as always, is full of the Borderlands charm and its lighthearted nature.

Borderlands 3 simply looks stunning!!!

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