​​​​​​​Absolutely Games and Team17 Digital have today announced that the standard and deluxe editions of Classified: France ‘44, the WWII-based strategy epic coming to PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S, will launch on 5th March. An Overlord edition will also be available across all platforms, allowing players to jump into battle 5 days early on 29th February.

Arming players for victory, the Deluxe and Overlord editions of Classified: France ’44 come fully equipped for war. Available to preorder for £39.99/$39.99/€39.99, the Deluxe edition includes the base game and the first DLC, while the Overlord Edition, available to preorder for £49.99/$49.99/€49.99, includes the base game and the full season pass1, granting players access to all four upcoming DLC’s. The standard edition is available to preorder for £34.99/$34.99/€34.99.

Preorders for all three editions of Classified: France ’44 are now live and will grant players access to the Resistance Pack at launch, with the content varying slightly depending on the platform. Preorders on Steam will be granted access to the “Shadow” and “Ghost” sets, PlayStation 5 will receive the “Blue” and “Cobalt” sets, and Xbox Series X|S will get the “Green” and “Forest” sets.
Classified: France ‘44 is an original take on turn-based tactics that authentically captures the challenges of World War II firefights. Set deep in the heart of Nazi-occupied France, take charge of the Jedburghs: a group of special forces working with the Resistance. Use an extensive RPG system to build a team of skilled soldiers and experience history first-hand as you fight to define the success of D-Day.
The season pass for Classified: France ’44 can also be purchased separately for £19.99/$19.99/€19.99, and the individual DLC packs 1-4 can be purchased for £5.99/$5.99/€5.99 each.

Key Features

  • Unique morale system: Every shot counts. Even if it misses, fire wears down enemy forces’ morale and can turn the tide in the heat of battle
  • Tactical stealth action: Infiltrate enemy positions; set up ambushes, and choose your overwatch targets wisely. Friendly fire can shape the battlefield, so position your squad and pick your marks carefully
  • Engaging and replayable campaign: Define the success of the historic ‘D-Day’ battle with a replayable campaign with 15 different endings. Form a specialist team, court the Resistance factions and aid them in building their strength, and make decisions that lead to game-changing outcomes.
  • Historically authentic gameplay: Mirroring real-world military tactics, missions are a thrilling, varied experience. Use your tactical toolbox of stealth, ambush, morale and flanking to outwit the enemy and aid the Resistance.
  • The Classified System: Built on the ‘Classified System’ players can access in-game tools to create their own missions to share with the community.

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