Podcasts are all the rage these days, for me I’ve always had a love hate relationship with them. My problem being attention span, and engagement. I start listening for an episode or two and drift off. It’s not you it’s me, I’m afraid!

I totally appreciate the time and effort that goes into every podcast that is out there, after all I too give up precious time and effort to produce the posts you read on this website, help run the community side of things, stream a bit here & there, and host our Thursday night Game Pass Community night, so I can relate to some degree. But for me to fully engage and be totally emersed in a podcast, you must entertain, and capture me like a decent story, you need to acquire my full attention.  After that you have to keep me guessing, like a good film or tv show, you have to keep me coming back for more! The Gamers Watch Podcast Does Just That!

Harry, Shaun, and Dunc’s get together every week and produce an amazing podcast, that has changed and grown from strength to strength, so much that the best place to catch the weekly show is via Youtube. It’s not just your ears they entertain, they entertain visually too.

The show is packed with genuine engaging content, with a very high production value and skill, that is executed exquisitely. The chemistry between the hosts is triple AAA Grade, it’s something money just can’t buy. I’m absolutely blown away week after week, and they keep me coming back for more.



The Thing I love the most about the Gamers Watch podcast is the togetherness, the laughs, the segments, and the way the whole show flows. Gamers Watch podcasts has introduced some amazing panel members, that only add to the show, offering something new, but keeping the same core togetherness and chemistry.

Gamers Watch Podcast will have you on the edge of your seat as you listen to stories, their thoughts on what’s going on in the game industry, opinions on the latest games, and then bang, you’ll be reaching for a tissue as you dry your eyes from all the tears of laughter.

Please if you are after a new podcast to listen too, and even if you’re not, check them out on twitter and via YouTube (links at bottom of the post)

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But wait that’s not all…

Recently the Gamers Watch Crew have branched out, not only do they offer an amazing podcast, but some truly wonderful video content, that ranges from reviews, previews, help guides and discussion. They offer something for every gamer.

Check out some examples below –



Now for where to find these great mates!!!

(1) Gamers Watch Podcast (@GamersWatchCrew) / Twitter

(81) Gamers Watch – YouTube


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