There had been some rumours swirling around on various social media channels recently that Crackdown 3 had been cancelled by Microsoft.

Amazon Spain had cancelled pre orders which then led to to various reports that the game had been cancelled completely. Head of Xbox Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, took to Twitter however to debunk the rumours and to try and put fans minds at ease.

It is possible however that even if Crackdown 3 is not cancelled, the game could suffer yet another delay. The game was meant to launch alongside the Xbox One X in November last year, but after some negative feedback to an off screen demo at E3 2017 the game was then delayed even further to add more ‘visual polish’.  The game was then slotted for Spring 2018 but again that window has now come and gone and we have still not heard or seen anything further of Crackdown 3.

Lets hope Microsoft are saving a Crackdown related surprise for gamers at E3 2018.

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