With the release of the Dark Souls Remastered just around the corner, Bandai Namco have announced network tests will run on Xbox One on 11th and 12th May.

To get access, prospective players must download the client test software between 1st and 8th May. If you don’t have the client, you’re not coming in! Test servers will open at 5pm I’m the UK and 10:59pm. US players can access the client between 6pm PDT and 11:59pm.

As always, you’ll need a Gold Subscription to access the test servers.

The network test will give players access to the Undead Parish area and you’ll be able to try out the co-op features. Hopefully that means we’ll also get a look at the Bell Gargoyle fight. Invasions will also be open so prepare for a gankfest!

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