Focus Home Interactive and Asobo Studio have released a demo for A Plague Tale: Innocence giving players the opportunity to sample what the game has to offer. The demo lets players experience the full first chapter of Hugo and Amicia’s story.

A Plague Tale: Innocence will combines adventure, puzzle solving, deadly combat, and stealth. This combines for an experience that maintains incredible reviews from press and players alike. As Amicia De Rune, protect your brother Hugo and yourself from deadly disease, swarms of rats, and armies of merciless warriors.

A Plague Tale: Innocence scored an 82% on Metacritic making it a surprise hit for 2019.

The demo is now available on the Xbox Store.

1 thought on “Demo for A Plague Tale: Innocence now available”
  1. Fantastic! It’s a game I’ve liked the look of for a while now. I was a huge fan of TLoU on the Ps4 and it looks like it might have a similar feel. Will definitely have to try out the demo

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