EA is working on a title to tackle one of the biggest gaming genres, the open world action genre.

Leading the project is former Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond, with the title resembling Assassin’s Creed.

Speaking yesterday at the UBS Global Technology Conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said:

“We’ve never really operated in the largest genre of gaming, and that’s the action genre,” said Jorgensen. “That’s the Assassin’s Creed-style games; more open-world, more single-play versus multiplayer. It’s not been an area that we’ve operated in.

“We recently hired Jade Raymond, who was behind the Assassin’s Creed franchise for Ubisoft and she will be building an action genre for us through a studio we’re building out in Montreal right now,” he continued. “So a lot of excitement around the action genre.”

The news will excite many and the EA studio behind all this is a newly formed one called Motive based in Montreal.

Are you excited to see what EA are working on?

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