Techland welcomes the Year of the Dragon with in-game activities and rewards.

Techland says goodbye to the Year of the Rabbit and gets ready to bring in the new force. The Year of the Dragon Celebration in Dying Light 2 Stay Human will start on February 8th, at 12 pm CET, and come to an end on February 19th, at the same time. During the in-game festivities, the players can log on to experience different Dragon’s Blessings each day, yielding gameplay benefits. There will be Encounters spawning across the map, with PKs and Survivors in need of saving. By doing so, the players will receive Red Envelopes full of rewards.

Collecting Red Envelopes is also how the players can complete goals and get the items of the Dragon Warrior Bundle for free. This bundle will also be available for purchase at a later date, for 500 DL Points. That’s not all – there will be additional free gear to be claimed on Pilgrim Outpost and via Twitch drop!

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon kicks off a month of the 2nd Anniversary of Dying Light 2 Stay Human fun – with more to follow soon!

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