As cracks appeared in the sky above the world of Fortnite last week, things have gotten weird. Theories about season 5 have been in full swing since the rocket launch but as usual, nobody knows what’s going on.

Almost a week ago, players were enthralled and gathered all over the world to see the rocket launch. Most stood and watched with like-minded players. One guy let it all play out then took the rage of the internet by killing 48 players in one go and set a new solo kills record. Then Epic started a strange crossover event as objects started appearing in game and in the real world.

At first, a photographer found the Durr Burger randomly sitting in the deserts of California. Then an anchor appeared in game. The cracks started to appear all over the map above key locations such as Moisty Mire and Tomato Town.

Other real world appearances include a cop car with a weird message stating “This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects.” And then there was a camouflage tent with its own message that read “If you can read this you’re in range of the anomaly.”

The giant motel sign and tomato head from Tomato Town are also missing and could be somewhere in the real world undiscovered right now.

Developers and publishers are known to enjoy an ARG as it gets players more involved with the world they have created. This is just the latest and drives the hype that Fortnite already generates into overdrive.

After the superhero crossover what do you think season 5 will bring? Aliens? Wormholes? A totally new map? More giant craters? I think it may signal the arrival of the free to play version of Save the World. Whatever it is, we’ll find out when season 5 launches 12th July.

Update: apparently llama pinatas have now been found in London, Cologne, Barcelona and Poland.

Epic have also released this teaser image

Source video from Polygon

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