Kalypso Media has shared first gameplay footage of its remastered version of WW2 real-time strategy game Commandos 2 HD Remastered.

Now owned by Kalypso, the devs behind Tropico, the rights were acquired to Pyro Studios’ beloved Commandos IP last July. Along with that was the promise of new games in the series, alongside updates of the original titles. And here we are today!

The trailer also includes a first glimpse at Kalypso’s second upcoming HD remaster, Praetorians, which originally released in 2003.

Commandos is a truly exceptional game, which has you guide a squad of soldiers – each with unique skills and specialisations, including green beret, sniper, and demolition expert – across a series of isometric maps in order to complete various missions.

The remaster will also see reworked controls, a modernised interface and an improved tutorial to learn the basics.

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