That’s right Microsoft are no longer manufacturing Xbox 360 consoles. Take that in, but after 10 years, the console is finally coming to a close.

It’s hardly a surprise considering the current gen consoles have pretty much taken over, but I guess it’s just sad to look back on it as a whole. The Xbox 360 delivered so many fond memories on titles such as Rainbow Six Vegas, Gears of War, Halo 3 and many more just to name a few.

Microsoft explains that their are a number of issues making a decade-old product now and it’s not worth their time to keep it up-to-date. All remaining consoles will continue to be sold, as will games. So I guess we all move onto Xbox One now. Microsoft probably also want this to have a more positive affect on their Xbox One sales.

Other things to note include your Games with Gold, which will carry on for Xbox 360 titles, as will Xbox Live for online titles, so that’s always a good bonus.

There was always a point when this day would come, which some might consider too soon, but I for one see this as a good move for the Xbox 360. Let it go out with its head held high.

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