Epic Games released a new patch for Fortnite today and with it comes the games first vehicle. In typical Fortnite style, it’s not what you’d expect as you can now troll the battlefield in your very own shopping cart! Not only that but there’s room for two so your buddy can shoot from the passenger seat. These can be found in various parts of the map so get hunting.

The team have also added mushrooms to the battlefield which will add to your shield (up to 100) and have introduced two updated limited time modes – teams of 20 and Blitz!

As expected teams of 20 sees five teams fight it out in the traditional BR set up. Loot drops are improved, more chests will spawn and loot drops will come in batches of five. Each team also spawns on their own battlebus to make it easier to stick together. Games are expected to run for no longer than 20 mins.

Blitz! sees the return of faster storms and more loot for version 2. New weapons are also being introduced such as the port-a-fort and the LMG and the bus will travel at a lower height so players can get into the action more quickly. Games here will last no more than 15 mins.

And finally for BR mode, the UI has been updated so you can now track challenges more easily.

Save the World mode also see’s more updates in the run up to its eventual F2P release. The Blockbuster questline returns and there are now additional skill points to be acquired as players improve their Commander Level. The last two Defender nodes are now available for every skill tree and new daily quests will be made available.

We’re also getting a new hero in the shape of Mythic Soldier Carbide. This comes with a new subclass – Cobalt Commando, as well as two new perks – Zip & Zap the laser pistols which fire energy that bounces and pierces enemies, and corrosive clips.

There’s also a ton of bug fixes and the full patch notes can be read here.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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