Sierra has announced an upcoming major title update for arcade shooter, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, which will transform the game into Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved, adding 40 new stages to Adventure mode.

These 40 stages will include new boss battles, 3D grid shapes and new gameplay types, alongside the new Sweeper drone and Detonator super ability. The update will also revise the game’s previous level gating system, making it easier for players to progress and unlock their favourite game modes.

Geo Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved will also feature an array of improvements, including ‘Hardcore’ mode wherein players take on 20 dedicated levels without using a drone or super ability, with accompanying leaderboards.

You’ll be able to download Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved as a free update for existing Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions owners on Xbox One and Xbox 360 from 1st April.

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