Xbox Game Pass is getting some absolute doozies this month, the biggest and best title is definitely Forza Horizon 4 which joins the programme on October 2nd. Setting a new series high of 92 on Metacritic and seeing lots of love from the press you can bet this will be downloaded by everyone.

We’ll also be seeing Wolfenstein The New Order. The Xbox 360 reboot of the franchise is a fantastic shooter which follows BJ as he shoots, stabs and explodes his way through the Nazi regime that has its grip on the world.

Metro 2033 Redux is the definitive edition of the 360 post apocalyptic horror shooter that takes place in the Moscow Underground as well as the radiated wasteland above. This is another one I recommend everyone has a look at.

Lego Indiana Jones is another 360 title and one of the better Lego games. Follow Dr Jones through levels inspired by the films, smash stuff, solve puzzles and collect mountains of studs. Fun for all the family!

Split/Second was previously released on Games with Gold and is an enjoyable arcade racer. It’s set up like a TV show with the player progressing through “episodes” and feels like Burnout but with a lot more stuff that blows up.

Shantae: Half Genie Hero is a cute platformer that’s seen a lot of praise. You’ll traverse a nice variety of levels and fight dangerous does as you attempt to defeat her nemesis, the pirate queen Risky Boots.

The only one I don’t know much about is Westerado: Double Barrelled. It looks like a nice little pixel art cowboy game where you’ll travel through towns looking for clues as to who killed your family. Apparently the killer changes every time you play and even though violence is often the answer, it doesn’t always have to be. I’ll definitely be checking this out when it launches along with the others on October 1st.

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