Microsoft’s ongoing attempts to introduce gamers to new and established games continues this weekend with Bomberman R and Ghost Recon Wildlands now available as part of the Free Play Days programme.

Ghost Recon has been doing the rounds for a few years and sees players hunting a drug cartel in one of the biggest open world’s to date. Supporting 1-4 players in a more action focussed Tom Clancy game, we follow the Ghosts as they systematically dismantle operations in a rough approximation of Bolivia. Gameplay is similar to Ubisoft’s other Clancy hit, The Division, but has more realistic gun play. Woo hoo, no bullet sponges!

Bomberman R originally launched on Switch before getting its release on Xbox. It boasts a sizable single player campaign as well as the classic multiplayer escapades we’ve had since the days of the SNES.

If you have a gold subscription and are looking for something to play this weekend, these are worth a look. Bomberman is great if you have a few mates round and are having a few beers too.

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