GTA Online’s Heists update will also add a number of other new modes and features to the game, developer Rockstar has revealed.

The update which arrives next Tuesday adds three new PVP modes.

The first new mode – Come Out to Play, is a three-on-three fight as one team attempts to make it home. This team has just one life each but access to bikes and ATVs, while their chasers must stay on foot but can respawn indefinitely.

If that’s not for you, then Siege Mentality will suit your shotgun fix, where up to four players hole up against up to six attackers armed only with shotguns. Defenders must hold their location for as long as possible.

The last new mode is named Hasta La Vista, and sees gangs of truckers chasing cyclists to a checkpoint without being crushed underneath a set of lorry wheels.

A sprinkling of new Freemode activities will also be dropped in – where familiar characters such as Trevor, Lester and Lamar will call you, giving you the chance to make some quick cash.

Daily objectives will offer a rotating set of challenges for you to tackle each day, with three new missions added every 24 hours.

Finally, Rockstar will add a new email system, so you can keep up with your friends and earn fresh rewards such as clothing and car mods.

Sounds good right? Not let’s hope Heists are!

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