State of Decay 2 fans rejoice, A new story based adventure was revealed at E3, and the best news it’s live now! Heartland Invites gamers to take back Trumbull Valley, in what promises to be State of Decay 2’s biggest content release yet!

The New DLC is included with Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Console players, and is also available in the Xbox One and Windows 10 stores for £8.39.

In the new adventure Heartland, players engage in a thrilling story-based experience that combines the nostalgia of Trumbull Valley (which featured in the original State of Decay) with new features and some awesome challenges.

Heartland features two starting pairs of survivors to choose from, each of whom have come to Trumbull Valley in search of a familiar face from the original State of Decay. There’s Quincy, an ex-con and member of the Network, and his partner Helena, who are here searching for an old friend of their boss, Lily Ritter. Or choose Larisse, the long-lost daughter of local criminal Mickey Wilkerson, accompanied by her aunt Fiona.

Returning players will find the familiar towns of Spencer’s Mill and Marshall are now overrun with an advanced form of blood plague that’s more aggressive than anything seen before.

For newcomers to State of Decay 2, there’s never been a better time to dive in and test your zombie apocalypse plan alongside five million fellow survivors who built a community and survived the outbreak.

Heartland introduces new….

Story-based narrative with new challenges. During the 10-hour campaign, players will face countless zombies and freaks infected with the horrific blood plague. These plague freaks (bloaters, screamers, ferals, and juggernauts) all feature deadly new attacks to test your survival skills. The campaign culminates in the “Gauntlet,” a gruelling challenge that requires skill, strategy, and endurance to overcome.

New map! Trumbull Valley in State of Decay 2 is a new experience set in a familiar place. Players will claim the beloved Jurassic Junction as their home site and be able to build the biggest base yet in the franchise.

The update also includes:

  • Hand-crafted playable characters and NPCs
  • Two character-driven stories with branching paths and unique missions
  • New base facilities, unique to Heartland
  • Answers to many questions’ players have been asking about the world of State of Decay
  • Hints about the past and future of the game
  • Three never-before-seen freak variants (plague bloater, blood feral, and plague screamer), plus the blood juggernaut that previously appeared in the Daybreak Pack
  • New achievements worth 500 Gamerscore

Will you be returning to play State of Decay 2 to play the update?

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