Well we’ve known something was coming for a while and it’s finally happened. Meteors are now smashing into the earth in Fortnite!

Epic have teased an event for weeks and players have been speculating about this exact event since a giant comet appeared in the sky. Epic teased players with further additions such as a telescope, a sign with the word today scrubbed out and tomorrow written beneath and finally the emergency warning system. We’re still in the early stages with sporadic appearances, but small rocks normally lead to massive map changing ones.

In addition to the in game changes, the official Fortnite Twitter feed teased season 4. It looks like we might be getting a superhero theme which could lead to some cool skins. Not only that but the picture they tweeted had something that looked suspiciously like a meteor.

Will Tilted Towers finally be wiped off the map? Will the meteor make a game changing impact? Will we get superpowers? We’ll find out when season 4 starts in a few days. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments.

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