With the launch of the original Xbox Elite Wireless Controller in 2015, Xbox will launch Series 2 of the wireless controller on 4th November 2019.

The controller looking mostly the same as the original Elite has some subtle but substantial improvements including over 30 detailed below.

  • Unmatched performance. The Elite Series 2 builds upon learnings from the original Elite Controller and provides a cutting-edge gaming controller experience unlike anything else on the market today.
  • A brand-new feature that comes with the Elite Series 2 is adjustable-tension thumbsticks. You can choose between three different resistance settings, including options to match the same thumbstick resistance as Xbox 360 or standard Xbox One controllers.
  • The new controller also comes with an additional, shorter hair trigger lock setting where the trigger pull distance is shorter than ever, helping you fire faster.
  • The controller now automatically recognises adjustments to the hair trigger locks, so you won’t need to make changes in the Xbox Accessories app each time you change the trigger locks.
  • New wrap-around rubberised grips extend to the top of the controller for more control and comfort.
  • The Elite Series 2 comes with new interchangeable thumbsticks and paddle shapes, so you can better tailor the controller to your gaming preferences.
  • You can now save up to 3 custom profiles on the controller and instantly switch between them and a default profile with the dedicated Profile button.
  • New LED lights on the top of the controller indicate which profile is selected. The updated Xbox Accessories app provides the Elite Series 2 with limitless customization for remapping buttons, triggers, bumpers, and paddles – this includes new features like remapping voice commands (‘record that’, ‘take a screenshot’ etc.) to buttons.
  • You also get more choice in how you connect your Elite Series 2 to your devices, including Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth, and USB-C.
  • A built-in rechargeable battery with up to 40 hours of battery life per charge.
  • There’s also a premium carrying case for added protection.

What’s In The Box

 The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 comes with premium components including a carrying case, set of 6 thumbsticks (2 standard, 2 classic, 1 tall, 1 wide dome), set of 4 paddles (2 medium, 2 mini), set of 2 D-pads (standard and faceted), thumbstick-adjustment tool, charging dock for in-case or out-of-case charging, and braided USB-C cable.

Will you be upgrading your controller to the Elite Series 2?

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