The main game of LEGO Dimensions will feature 14 levels from launch on September 29th, Warner Bros has announced.

The title which merges many worlds with LEGO bricks will features Yellow Brick Road from the colourful world of Oz, all the way through to the city of Ninjago and Middle Earth. LEGO fans it really sounds like you’re in for a treat.

Every level offers players a new mission on their path to save LEGO Multiverse and you’ll be able to unlock extra levels through Level Packs. These will be tailored to a specific franchise.

It’s not long till launch day now. Which LEGO world are you looking forward to in Dimensions?

1 thought on “LEGO Dimensions features 14 levels”
  1. This looks like a good game, I can’t believe they managed to get so many characters from so many different franchasis, but then Lego have a lego of everything, so it’s not too hard for them, I really looking forward to batman, back to the future & Jurassic PArk with this game!!!! 😛

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