It was 30 years ago since the first launch of Mega Man in 1987, in which Capcom have celebrated its monumental anniversary by announcing Mega Man 11 for Xbox One.

Not only that, but all 8 Mega Man X titles will be coming to consoles this summer 2018.

Mega Man 11 brings a fresh new design with 2.5D visuals and 3D-modeled characters, including hand drawn level environments. Old time fans of the series can expect the series’ signature challenge, with a variety of difficulty options to choose from in-game.

Mega Man transformation

As you swap to a Robot Master’s weapon Mega Man will change his entire appearance, not just colour from the classic previous titles. Check out the trailer below for more of a preview on this:

Existing owners of the first collection on Xbox One can also experience an all-new Rewind feature to roll back your gameplay in spring 2018.Mega Man 11 Screennshot

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