Greetings, hungry adventurer!

Get ready for a delectable adventure as the highly anticipated Metroidvania-lite meets wholesome cooking game Magical Delicacy is coming to PC and Xbox — available day one with Xbox Game Pass — this summer!

Take on the role of the young witch Flora, who travels to the adventurer’s town of Grat to grow her magical skills and cook enchanting delicacies for the townsfolk. Collect an assortment of inspiring ingredients from shops, foraging through the town, and by growing them in your garden, cook up a storm in your upgradeable kitchen using a variety of tools and deliver your meals to fulfill the orders from hungry townsfolk. Explore the unfamiliar town of Grat, learn new ways to traverse, discover secrets, and experience a unique and witchy world one dish at a time.

Key Features of Magical Delicacy include:

  • Collect new recipes and ingredients through trade, questing, growing vegetables in your garden, and exploring throughout the town of Grat.
  • Learn an extensive cooking system, allowing for flexible creative choices to fulfill even the oddest orders.
  • Build the kitchen of your dreams by commissioning new equipment to help you create even more delicious dishes.
  • Experience a wholesome linear story filled with witchy wonder and intrigue, with many optional encounters and free play opportunities.
  • Traverse a 2D platformer inspired by Metroidvanias, gain new abilities, reach new areas, and unlock shortcuts.

Magical Delicacy is coming to PC via SteamXbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in the summer of 2024. Magical Delicacy will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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