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So recently Microsoft has been on a little bit of a studio acquisition spree in order to boost its first party exclusive game portfolio for Xbox.

Most recently at XO18 they announced that Obsidian Entertainment and inXile had joined its list of first party studios now under the Xbox banner.  This followed the list of new studios that were announced back at E3 2018.

Now in a recent podcast, YouTuber Boogie2988 has recalled a conversation that he had with Mike Ybarra about the acquisition of these studios where he stated that they were doing so in order to dominate the future console generation which is fast approaching.

He also hinted that the budget that these studios will have at their disposable is limitless.

‘He (Mike) said we basically went in there to those companies and said: “what project do you wanna make?” And they are like “what’s our budget?” And he’s “I don’t think you understand, that’s not our question, our question is what games do you want to make? We are Microsoft and we have the budget, we just want to know what game you want to do, what are your wildest dreams”.

It certainly seems that Microsoft are about to up go big on their first party exclusives and I for one am excited on seeing what these studios will produce, hopefully we will hear more in 2019.

Source – SegmentNext

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