It’s been a wild few months for the people behind Minion Masters, what with the beta and then the launch on Xbox One. BetaDwarf wanted to add something special to the game after initial release, and what better way to do that than to introduce a brand new Master in the form of Morellia.

The twisted sister of the Crystal Elf Milloween, Morellia goes by many names – Ruler of the Cursed Lands, Queen of Souls, Dragon Binder – but her personal favourite is Lich Queen.

BetaDwarf had two main goals when creating there new master. The first was to create a master that felt completely different from any existing Master on the roster, and the other was flavour. Right from the start the team behind Minion Master’s wanted to put a strong emphasis on her talents as a powerful spellcaster, with a whole host of varied spells to choose from.

Minion Masters is a fast paced game, where you make a lot of quick decisions, the game changes constantly throughout the course of a match. So having a Master with variable perks can only add to the game, something which the team behind the game have never managed, until now.

Minion Master’s creators worked extremely hard to create there new Master. Putting in the blood sweat and tears, with a lot of trial and error work. The developers wanted Morellia to feel like she was commanding the in-game situations like the queen she is, and not just an ordinary reaction to the situation on hand.

BetaDwarf manged to achieve their finished Master by replacing the player’s entire hand with a new set of options, thus giving the player full control of Morellia’s abilities, allowing for an impressive amount of adaptability.

Using Morellia’s Book of the Dead as a way to present these choices, Morellia finally feels like she is a queen in charge.

I almost forgot to mention that the book is sentient? The trapped soul within provides running commentary to annoy the oh so serious Lich Queen at every turn.

With BetaDwarf promising much more on the way, there’s never been a better time to join the Minion Master’s family if you haven’t done so already. The passion behind the build and development of this game is an awesome sight, and a wonderful in game feel.

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