Capcom have announced a new shooter called Biohazard Umbrella Corps, otherwise known as Resident Evil Umbrella Corps.

It was previously leaked a few weeks ago now, but we now have the competitive shooter officially unveiled. The title features a lot of dark maps, with the inclusion of melee combat as an ice axe is shown in the trailer below.

Zombies will be present throughout each map, with something called a “zombie jammer” shown in the trailer, which one would assume stops them from attacking you. These can be destroyed by opponents, opening you to attack.

The camera view will also allow players to switch between first and third person perspectives too.
1 thought on “New Resident Evil shooter announced”
  1. This Sounds good, it’s been a while since any resident evil game/movie has come out and look here we get both at the same time, they main actress in the film says it’s her last film….we’ll see if that’s true!!!!! P

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