I really wish it was October! The more I see of Red Dead Redemption 2, the more excited I get. Maybe I can try freezing myself til the release date just like Cartman. Maybe not…

We get to see a lot more of the cast and get a few hints at what to expect from the story. From the trailer we can see this is to be a prequel to the first RDR with it being set in 1899 as opposed to the originals 1911.

Gameplay details are light but we can expect horse riding, gun play and possibly even single player heists similar to GTA: Online. We’re also shown several key members of Dutch’s game, so there’s every possibility we’ll be returning to multiple story lines similar to GTA V. More interestingly, we see a female member of the gang so we could be seeing our first female protagonist. We also get a look at a young John Marston with fresh cuts on his face, so maybe we’ll how he gets those signature facial scars.

Graphically it looks stunning as we’ve come to expect from Rockstar. Environmental details are lush and character models are highly detailed. Rolling dust clouds and high level lighting also look to set some staggering scenes. There are definite visual improvements over GTA V. Red Dead Redemption 2 is due for release 26th October.

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