Welcome back to New Week, New Games, our little weekend feature that provides you with a little knowledge on next week’s games that will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, Game Pass, Cloud and Windows 10 PC, between April 1st and April 5th.

So, without further adieu, why not grab your favourite beverage and have a look at the games mentioned below. Hopefully you will find something that’s just right for you, in next week’s batch of newly released games just waiting to be grabbed and downloaded.


Alchemist: The Potion Monger – April 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Alchemist: The Potion Monger is a mixture of simulation puzzle and RPG game, in which you can leave your lab, venture into the world, and change it with your brews! Choose your character “Race” from a wide array of animal types, with their strengths and weaknesses and begin your alchemical journey!


Deceit 2 – April 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

An online social deduction horror game where you can inspire fear as the Terror, play detective as the Innocent, or create mayhem as the Cursed. Who can you trust to help you escape?


Flight Path: Adventures in Venaris April 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

A top-down vertical shoot ’em up where choices presented in certain stages drastically alter the way the narrative unfolds. With multiple paths, unique content for each pilot you choose, specific tasks to complete, procedurally generated levels and unpredictable enemy attack patterns across 10 stages, Flightpath: Adventures in Venaris offers a wealth of replay value as you explore its narrative possibilities!


Knowledge Keeper – April 3
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Become a keeper of knowledge by collecting shards of divine crystals. Look for the right way to obtain the crystals, avoid dangerous obstacles, and teleport from one space to another to get closer to your goal. Solve tasks on memory, logic, and orientation in space to get to the blocked areas.


Freedom Planet 2 – April 4
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Return to the vibrant world of Avalice to battle an ancient threat in the long-awaited sequel to the surprise indie action-platformer hit, Freedom Planet. With 24 expertly designed stages, an ambitiously expanded Adventure mode, retro-but-refined 2D visuals, and the addition of the highly requested Boss Rush mode, Freedom Planet 2 is the indie darling grown up to become a true platforming power.


Vigour – April 4
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

In this puzzle platformer game, you’ll play as a cute bird that must solve challenges with different mechanics per each of the levels, completing them by solving different puzzles for each season. With 30 differently designed levels, will you be able to pass them all?


Dreamland Solitaire: Dark Prophecy – April 5
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Enter a world of magic in a stunning new solitaire adventure! Guide a kind-hearted fairy, a noble knight, and a powerful wizard as they pursue the evil witch, Jill, who intends to destroy the knight’s realm and enslave its people.


Sky Survivors – April 5
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

An arena shooter roguelike where you choose from a variety of skills, unlock unique characters, and weapons. Build a sky tower where each floor gives your character a unique bonus. Create your own overpowered build and survive against hordes of monsters!


Super Destronaut Landed X Loaded – April 5
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

A 2D arcade with intense, addictive arena-based gameplay. Battle for as long as possible in 10 different arenas, each with its own unique set of challenges. Shoot down enemy combatants and gain special power-up drones that add extra firepower to your side.


Withering Rooms – April 5
Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

Take on the role of young Nightingale in this challenging 2.5D RPG that draws inspiration from roguelikes, Souls likes, and classic survival horror games. Explore an expansive procedurally generated map of Mostyn House full of hedge mazes, tombs, caves, churches, and ruins that lie beyond its gates. Craft a wide variety of weapons, tools, spells, outfits, and magical artifacts. Encounter a cast of strange friends, merchants, and liars each with their own agenda.


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