Major Nelson has confirmed via Twitter that the New Xbox One Experience will be launching to all Xbox One members on November 12th.

The new update will add a completely new user interface to the Xbox One while adding new features and improving on some current features such as the community section and adding more depth to the game hubs.

Of course this update will also see the full launch of backwards compatibility on Xbox One which will allow gamers to play their Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One console.


1 thought on “New Xbox One Experience launches November 12th”
  1. I knew they would be releasing more Xbox News at the Halo 5 Lauch event, I’m happy we all know when the update is coming now, I can’t wait, I mean I have no problem with the Xbox interface right now, but I am looking forward to having windows 10 on my laptop/PC, phone and Xbox, not to mention Backwards Compatability!!!! All good things are happening for Xbox One at the moment, hopefully that can increse sales!!!!! 😛

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