Remember Crackshot’s Winterfest last year in Fortnite? This year, Crackshot’s right-hand snowman, Snowmando, has arrived to the island to continue his benevolent legacy. From December 18 (now!) until January 5, play in Operation Snowdown to unlock free Locker items — including two free outfits — and enjoy some gameplay throwbacks as a gift to the community!

The Winter of Our Free Locker Content

In Operation Snowdown, you’ll be joining Snowmando on the cold frontlines: complete his new quests over the course of the event to unlock rewards like the ice-skating inspired Toe Pick pickaxe, the perfectly-wrapped Shield Surprise back bling, as well as gliders, wraps, another pickaxe and back bling, and more.


Fortnite - Operation Snowdown

Completing nine Operation Snowdown quests will unlock Snowmando’s outfit, and completing 12 will unlock the Frost Squad outfit – inspired by the unclad tree branches of winter. Both of these outfits are free!

Fa-la-la-la Flight

Having many battles in his past, Snowmando snows how to have a good time. For Operation Snowdown, he’s brought in his custom X-4 Stormwings, allowing you to become a plane pilot in Fortnite once again!

Fortnite - Operation Snowdown

Snowmando’s also brought in his Sneaky Snowmando props, allowing you to disguise yourself as an ordinary snowman, as well as his cold feet-giving Chiller Grenades and loot-filled Presents! throwables.

Snowdown for LTMs

Operation Snowdown not only features a rotation of returning limited time modes but also the Snowdown Shuffle, a playlist that’ll put you in a Snowdown LTM at random. And yes, with planes making their return, one of these LTMs is fan-favorite Air Royale!

There’s also a brand new LTM in the mix: in the new Shockwave mode, players must compete to knock opponents into the (extra-strong) storm as it shrinks down to nothing. And if you missed the Pickaxe Frenzy tournament from a couple months back (or just want more of it), you can play Pickaxe Frenzy in its first-time LTM form.

Fortnite - Operation Snowdown

Season’s Felicitations

During this event, we hope you enjoy Snowmando’s quests, the return of planes and past LTMs, and the new and returning holiday outfits. Have a holly Snowdown and New Year, thanks for being awesome, and we’ll see you in 2021!

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