Overkill and Starbreeze Studios will be bringing its new title based on The Walking Dead universe during Fall 2018.

The title features 4 player co-op in what Overkill describes as a FPS whereby players scavenge and complete missions for their base camp. Similarly to the show, players will have to survive against both the undead and living, so there’s plenty of reason to be cautious.

The game has 4 unique playable characters in the main image above, each with their own backstory and abilities.

Overkill posted a its first character trailer showcasing Aidan armed with a nailed baseball bat in Washington D.C, which is where the game is set. Catch that one below:

Currently the game looks like it is aiming to be visually focussed with the devs putting work into high quality texturing and lighting.

If anything right now, it beats the TV series which has seen a slump in viewings this season.

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