Developer Brushfire Games has announced that their second title, Polychromatic, will be arriving on Xbox One on October 2nd.

Polychromatic is an original two-stick shooter that blends modern aesthetics with classic design. The wave-based progression and increasingly difficult number of enemies keep the game grounded in the genre’s roots, while the dynamic physics and flat geometric art style push it in a fresh, new direction.

“After working on the game for over a year, we couldn’t be more excited to see the game get into the hands of gamers everywhere,” says Nick Gravelyn, founder and partner of Brushfire Games. “We made a game that stands out in the crowd and really provides a core arcade experience that has been missing for a while, and we think fans of this genre will be very happy when they get their hands on it.”

Brushfire Games is an independent game studio in Bothell, Washington consisting of brothers Nick and Joe Gravelyn. Brushfire Games previously released Shipwreck on Xbox Live Indie Games and Humble in 2014, followed by a Steam release in 2015.

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