As we told you all last week, the Xbox community are to get access to the Miramar map and the public test servers. What we didn’t know is that they are due to launch this week – today in fact!

However, before we all get excited there are a few caveats. Interested players will need to download the “PUBG Test Server” from the store and this will be available from 8am in the UK from 24th April. The US only servers will host Miramar between 1am and 7am on 26th and 27th April. Bluehole state this is being done for matchmaking reasons. Better get the Red Bull in or a big pot of coffee brewed!

Players in the UK can also look forward to a less hellish schedule at the weekend when it will run from 7pm to 7am on the 28th and 29th.

Bluehole also want to make players aware that the map is still in early development and some things may not work as expected. Additionally, servers could go down for maintenance at any time.

I for one, am looking forward to adding a few more chicken dinners on the new map. Further details are available on the PUBG forums.

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