Are you ready to return to the wasteland and blast some nasties in the face? Well you’ll have to wait til 2019 but in the mean time here’s some over the top action from Rage 2.

Leaked only a matter of days ago, Bethesda, Avalanche and id have now given us a better look at what we can expect from their upcoming open world shooter. It’s fast, it’s frenetic and lots of stuff blows up. Much like Just Cause!

Not only will we be returning to the sun bleached deserts of the original, we’ll also get to blast our way through forests, mountain areas and encampments filled with old and new enemies alike. Day-glo colours seem to be the order of the day and add some much needed pizazz to the world. It also looks like the vehicles will be returning and the open world looks to have been massively expanded upon from the original Rage.

Story details are sparse with the only information being that we will play the last ranger of the wasteland looking to end the tyrannical reign of The Authority. Various gangs will populate the world and some look to have brought some sizable mechs to the party.

Movement looks fluid with a new jumping mechanic which is very reminiscent of those old concussion grenade jumps from Team Fortress. Gunplay looks solid and graphically it looks incredible. New weapons will help you on your journey and I particularly like the new boomerang weapon! All in all it looks like it’s encouraging quick, stylish traversal with lots of broomsticks. It also looks like the kinda serious tone of Rage has been dropped in favour of a fun sandbox.

We have no final release date but we can expect to see it on Xbox One, PC and PS4 some time in 2019. Without further ado, here’s the trailer. Enjoy!!

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