If you weren’t switched onto Twitch.tv last night, you missed Ubisoft’s live stream for its upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege – in which a dev diary video and gameplay taken from the closed alpha testing were showcased, as well as a snazzy limited edition of the game.

Starting with the dev diary titled “The Operators – Behind The Wall” – this went into the game’s classes and how you’ll be able to select from the various special forces from around the world such as the SAS and Spetsnaz.

After some time discussing the game, we finally got to see what we wanted, gameplay! Including this gameplay trailer too. The gameplay will look to focus on close quarters combat with a mostly destructible environment, so it’s something new to Rainbow Six fans like myself. There’s quite a mixed opinion to the title so far, so it will be interesting when the closed beta launches soon.

Lastly, there will be a limited edition available to buy from select retailers called the Art of Siege Edition, which includes gold weapon skins, a collector’s box and a 120-page strategy guide detailing every map and the weapons and gadgets available to use.

Rainbow Six Siege: Art of Siege Edition.

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