In the last few days Microsoft has added One X enhancements to take Red Dead Redemption to native 4K. As we never saw a PC release this is likely to be the best the original RDR will ever look.

Geometry is still noticeably last gen but with such a boost in resolution from 720p to native 4K the visual improvements are striking. Heat haze and light shafts stand out beautifully, but it’s the pin sharp stars on a clear night which are most impressive.

Other than that we find no other enhancements but this seems like a great time to dive back in with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming at the end of the year. Frame rates are also much nearer to the 30fps target on the One X which is a marked improvement on the original 360 release.

For anyone who wants more information I recommend you have a look at Digital Foundry’s 4K analysis. Their video can also be seen below.


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