For those of you who are still on the fence regarding the Resident Evil 2 Remake there’s some good news. A 30 minute demo will launch on Xbox One on January 11th but there’s a catch.

The demo itself is on a 30 minute timer, similar to the one hour demos we’ve had on Game Preview. What does that mean? Once the timer runs out, that’s it done. No more runs, no second chances, so make the most of it!

The demo will feature Leon Kennedy as he tries to escape RCPD. If you die you can restart but the timer doesn’t reset so it’ll be tougher to see the demo through to the end. The good news is that regardless of the outcome, players will see a new trailer exclusive to the demo. You can all but guarantee this will appear on YouTube pretty quickly though.

Capcom also had the following to say…

“Play quickly and carefully if you want to see the end of the demo, and be sure to pick up any useful items you see laying around while conserving your ammo. It may be tempting to try and defeat every zombie that stands, or crawls, in your way, but sometimes it’s better to use a few bullets to make an escape route than empty a clip on a monster that refuses to stay dead“.

There’s also a little trailer for the demo.

RE2 Remake officially releases on 25th January and I already have my preorder in but I’ll still be checking this out.

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