Rumours have been circulating that Microsoft are considering acquiring Electronic Arts, PUBG Corp and even Valve.

The rumours have stemmed from Polygon who received the information from a source close to Microsoft.

There has been a debate raging recently within certain parts of the gaming community that the Xbox One does not have the exclusive titles that it should have, I personally do not agree with that statement, but Phil Spencer has said recently that the cheque book is open for Microsoft to try and secure more exclusives games on the Xbox platform.

I do not think it is too far-fetched of a thought that Microsoft could purchase EA. EA have rode a constant wave of criticism in recent times, Mass Effect Andromeda was a let down and that then rolled in to controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II and its initial pay to progress stance, which has now changed of course.  It could be a takeover from a company like Microsoft is exactly what EA could do with right now – a change in direction for the company.

A takeover of Valve, I can’t really see this happening at all. I think the most likely truth out this will be the takeover of PUBG Corp. Microsoft have already invested money getting PUBG on to Xbox One and securing the timed exclusivity period.

I would imagine given the success the game has had since its launch on Xbox One that Microsoft would want to build on that and secure PUBG to the Xbox console on a permanent basis.

Whatever the outcome of this rumour true or not, I think there is some very exciting times ahead for the Xbox brand.

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