Say your final goodbyes to Uplay and welcome the Ubisoft Club.

Ubisoft is releasing Ubisoft Club to work in a similar way to Uplay, in that it rewards players points for completing in-game objectives.

You’ll be able to unlock in-game bonus items with your points, but you’ll also earn XP to spend on badges and units to spend on rewards.

In addition, the scheme will allow players to take part in the latest betas and purchase limited edition products and discounts through its e-store.

It sounds pretty good and you’ll keep your details from Uplay. You’ll find its first introduction with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on October 23rd.

As well as in-game rewards, Ubisoft Club will offer members a chance to participate in betas, purchase limited edition products and access discounts on Ubisoft content from its E-Store. To access Ubisoft Club, you can simply use your existing Uplay details to login or register a new account here.

1 thought on “Say goodbye to Uplay”
  1. Hmmmmm sounds pretty promising, and loads of people are already signed up to Uplay to get the BETA Codes, so I’m sure people will be thinking this is a good idea, other than getting BETA Codes!!!!

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