The season preview show featured everything coming in S12 ‘Tenacity’!

NetEase Games and developer 24 Entertainment are excited to share an overview on what to look forward to in Naraka: Bladepoint’s Season 12: ‘Tenacity’! The upcoming season of the melee battle royale introduces the new hero Lyam Liu, the new casual mode “Hot Potato Counter”, a Talent rework and more!

New Hero: Lyam Liu
The name of Season 12 ‘Tenacity’ is more than just that, as it will have a number of themed influences on Naraka: Bladepoint. Introducing Lyam Liu, the newest hero to join the battle royale, who has the ability to control metal, making him a deadly competitor in a contest of blades. Liu will be first playable on the test server, starting April 18. Apropos hero releases: Starting with S12, new heroes will now release on the test server at the beginning of a new season, rather than half-way through.

PVP Potential System Rework
Another major update arriving with Season 12 is about the game’s Potential System. Currently quite complex, Potentials were especially tricky for newcomers to wrap their head around. ‘Tenacity’ will come with a complete Potential rework, de-complicating the system and encouraging more variety instead of a few go-to choices.

New Mode: Hot Potato Counter!
Adding to Naraka: Bladepoint’ numerous casual activities next season is the new casual mode Hot Potato Counter! This fun new casual game adds a ball to the arena, which players attack instead of each other. Attacks, Counters and Skills control the ball until it turns red, which indicates it can be shot towards an enemy or passed to an ally. But watch out: the ball speeds up with every exchange!

April Fool’s Weapon: Hands
Meanwhile revealed as an April Fool’s joke, the team actually added a new weapon to Naraka: Bladepoint: Hands! Available until April 10, players will be able to slap their enemies on the battlefield  a true master of martial arts doesn’t need metal or wood to fight, for their hands are the only weapon they need.
Check out the trailer:

More Updates and Modes in the works
Since the game features so many different casual modes with the introduction of Hot Potato Counter, Casual Modes will now rotate weekly starting with Season 12. This list of activities will soon be expanded by even more fun ways to experience Naraka: Bladepoint! A number of balance changes to heroes like Hadi, Yueshan and Tessa round-up the preview for ‘Tenacity’.

Naraka: Bladepoint is free to play and available now on PC, PlayStation® and Xbox®.

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