Battlefront players might have been expecting a Battlefield like experience with Star Wars: Battlefront, but DICE has confirmed the shooter won’t include classes or squads.

It’s a surprising move by the Swedish devs, as the five-player squads in Battlefield are quite popular. In terms of no preset classes, you’ll be able to choose your own weapons and gear, unlocked through earning XP as normal.

There is however a replacement for squads, as Battlefront will use Partners instead. Two players team up and share their unlocks, so teaming with a higher level player will give you access to their gear. You’ll be able to see your partner on the HUD and spawn on each other, so it looks like you’ll be forming a partnership with one friend in Battlefront.

So what do we know so far?

We know that the game will take place across a number of planets such as Sullust in 40-player battles. There will be crafted missions for solo, split-screen play and co-op rather than a prettied-up campaign. Additionally, you’ll be able to switch cameras between first and third-person and there will be no aiming down sights.

What do you think to the idea of no squads, but a partner instead?

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