Indie developer, Studio Thunderhorse, has today launched a new trailer and the long awaited Steam page for upcoming title, Ronin Rush.

The developers hope to gather their loyal fans and new ones as their direction shifts to what they’ve named a ‘Slice ‘em Up’ adventure unfolding in fabled Japan, drawing inspiration from the Beat ‘em Up, SHMUP and Hack & Slash genres.

Ronin Rush comes after the success of the developer’s previous title of 2021, Flynn: Son of Crimson, published by Humble Games and released on PC and consoles with a day one Game Pass deal.

In Ronin Rush, players will navigate a Yokai-infested world utilizing a variety of tools, such as kunai, weapon arts, spirit abilities, and the iconic katana.


Co-Founder and game designer for Studio Thunderhorse, Case Portman, shares that the project is based on an older game for mobile. “We see Ronin Rush as a bigger and better version or remake of Samurai Blitz, a game we launched on iOS back in 2015. Bringing this game to PC and consoles is something we’ve always had in the back of our minds, so we can’t wait for more players to experience it!”

The new Steam page shows off a brand new game trailer, screenshots and GIFs with a release date coming soon.

Studio Thunderhorse’s first major title, Flynn: Son of Crimson was truly amazing, a fabulous modern take on the 16bit era of adventure platforms, and we are hoping for more of the same with this hotly anticipated title named Roning Rush. It will be very hard to top it’s big brother, but we are sure Ronin Rush is a going to be a huge success, and we truly can’t wait to get our hands on the game and check it out!


Why not check out Flynn: Son of Crimson Here, available on PC and consoles. Updates on Ronin Rush development will continue over on the developer’s Twitter page and their website, and we also hope to share more news with you soon too!

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