The second expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division arrives tomorrow. Titled Survival, the new add-on has a devastating snowstorm hit New York, with anti-viral cures left behind in the Dark Zone.

The key is to survive and extract the cure, with 23 other players struggling to survive the bitter cold. If you’ve not seen games like The Culling, then prepare for a new variant of survival in multiplayer.

You’ll have to find warm clothes, scavenge for food and water in order to survive, whilst having rogue agents out for your head.

Players also get the choice to enable PvP or PvE, which helps to make things interesting. Do you want to play competitively or co-operatively with other players, the choice is yours.

The expansions also brings world tier five and six new high-end gear pieces, as well as three high-end weapons and 12 new weapon types.

A good reason to jump back on The Division then.


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