The Solus Project will arrive on Xbox Game Preview at the beginning of 2016, GRIP and Teotl has announced.

Game Preview is currently supporting a lot of new titles with their launch now, with this week’s release of Layers of Fear on Friday adding to the catalogue of early access games.

The Solus Project is a survival game which utilises the Unreal Engine 4. Set on a deserted alien planet, the environment spells out danger as you look to send an emergency signal back home to Earth. Will you manage to save the human race in time?

Sjoerd De Jong, CEO of Teotl Studios said:

Following its release via Early Access and Game Preview on Xbox One, The Solus Project will evolve right in front of players’ eyes. We will be taking an episodic approach during our Early Access/Preview time by adding level per level of the large alien world. During our relatively short and focused test phase players will on a regular basis see new features and quests, and we will incorporate their feedback to create a truly unique survival and narrative experience.

Have you played anything from Game Preview yet?

1 thought on “The Solus Project coming to Xbox Game Preview”
  1. I don’t have the Xbox Preview, because I’m a little worried that if anything goes wrong with the Xbox I will be kind of out of luck, and it’s a lot of hassle to send it away to get fixed, because I do use the Xbox to play games, but also watch cable, netflix, amazon video and I have set up Plex on there also!!!!
    But of course I will take interest in this, because it uses Unreal Engine 4, I really do like the renderings of Unreal Engine 4!!!!!

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