During Inside Xbox at Gamescom, it was confirmed that shoot and loot game, Vigor has now gone free to play on Xbox One.

This comes as part of the update 1.0 for the game, which has been titled, RISE.

Below is the press release from the games official website:

While switching the game to Free-to-Play is maybe the biggest thing with the 1.0 release, there’s still more to enjoy. Vigor was playable only in English for the whole Game Preview period, and we are expanding localization to more languages – German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and French. Closely tied to that, there are going to be more game servers available, even in Southern America and Australia. There are even in-game changes for everyone – the mysterious voice guiding you through the Tutorial is back with more story challenges. To compete with other Outlanders, you need to learn to defend yourself, and utilize a wider selection of weapons, which you’ll be able to do so. Last, but definitely not least, as the Founder’s Pack is no longer available, there are two new bundles full of cosmetics. The Starter Pack provides you with a set of uniforms to make yourself stand out from the crowd, while the Outlander Pack provides one full-body uniform – the one you see on the box of the game or as a cosplay at our Gamescom Shelter.’

You can also check out the official Gamescom trailer below.

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